Implants are the simplest solution to make up for your lost tooth or substitution of the tooth root. Used in cases when patients are missing one or more teeth. Implants for years are the safest and most modern solution for recovering of your teeth.

Process of implants installation:

Review and planning therapy

Carry out detailed diagnostics with an overview of the jaw where you can see the bone in which to incorporate the implant.

Attaching the imlplant

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The implant is surgically placed into the bone and takes time from 4-6 months for osseointegration.

Time needed for implant acceptance (osseointegration)

Time required to heal the implant in the bone is a period of 4-6 months.

Embedding crowns

After healing of the implant, crowns, bridges or prostheses are placed in the bone.

Care and control

Care for oral hygiene, using interdental toothbrushes and regular review are important for long implant lasting.